Why You Need to Start With Words:

  • Words are important.
  • Words are the manifestation of ideas.
  • Ideas come from the need to solve a problem.
  • You need Words.
  • You need Me.

Too often people want to jump right into defining technical solutions before thinking about what their goals are and how their audience determines their message.


  • Should be as simple as they can be while still being useful.
  • Should be designed so that graphics and functionality serve the content rather than the other way around.
  • Should be based on open-standards instead of proprietary technology as much as possible.
  • Don’t need to look like print, video or any other media.
  • Should not be expected to look “pixel perfect” on different browsers.

Should graphics and programming come first, or should content?

A: Content. Without good content, a website is just a collection of code that a machine can understand.

Why You Shouldn’t Start With Graphics:

  • All the world loves a pretty face…
  • But if you don’t have any thing relevant to say…
  • Your audience is going to become bored…
  • And go someplace else.